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WS08D2 bathroom mirror anti-fog film heating film touch switch 12-24V double button touch switch

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  • product features

Touch backlight button effect

Sensitive to touch, designed by CE and EMC interference

Dual independent outputs for diverse functional requirements

Wide voltage working range, energy saving and durable, wide application range

Use no mechanical wear and have a life of up to 100,000 touches

Suitable for all kinds of lamps with media (such as glass, mirror, acrylic, plastic, ceramics, etc.)

Product brand


Product model


Switch channel

2 channels (independent)

Touch method

capacitive touch

Support mirror thickness


Working voltage


Switching current

channel 1: 3.5A (Max), channel 2: 0.5A (Max)

Load power

48W (DC12V, output 2≤15W)

Load type

LED light source and various DC appliances

Backlight color

blue, white, red and blue

Switch wire length




Bracket size


Product Certification


Installation method

bracket fixed installation

CAEA reminds you: Please cut off the main power switch before wiring installation. After connecting, please check to confirm that the wiring is correct and then use the power supply test.


CAEA reminds you: Because the 3M sticker on the bracket is not sticky enough, after the bracket is fixed, please use the glass glue or the neutral nail-free glue to carry out secondary reinforcement on the three sides of the bracket to make the bracket more stable for long-term use.